PYC Financial is a group of mortgage specialist with over 20 years of experience. We have successfully helped hundred of clients with their home loans.

We are committed to provide our clients expert advices on property loans and offer extremely competitive interest rates with an extensive network of lending partners.


Reason to choose PYC:

- We provide simple & fast mortgage services

- We do foreigner loans

- We are direct lender

- We have stated income loan program

- We always offer low rates


Please contact our PYC Financial loan agents, we will assist you with the process, walk you through the steps, and take care of all the details.


As many people may not know, purchasing a house with a mortgage actuallyhas numerous benefits.

For example,

The mortgage interest is tax-deductible.

Save the cash for emergency use.

Invest the on hand cash and create more wealth

Foreigners can complete the America dreamseasier


Keep this in mind; the above advantages forobtaining a home mortgage are not temporary. You will benefit from them for along long long time.


Therefore, our best suggestion for home buyersis paying some down payment, and loan the rest with low rates.

A pre-approval letter from a lender makes youroffer stronger.

The perfect home loan is waiting! Get approved todaywith our professional team!


If you have ever thought of getting rid of mortgage insurance, loweringthe monthly payment, shortening the term, pay-off credit card debts, or needextra cash for remodel, you need to consider doing the refinance.

The most two common refinances are cash-out refinance and change in rateand term.


With cash-out refinance, you can pay-off the credit card debt with therates lower than Credit Card Company. Moreover, you can obtain the extra cashto fulfill your personal finance needs.

Rate and term refinance:

Switching to a lower rate or extending the terms, this will decrease themonthly payments, and save you a big amount of money over the years.

Shortening the terms, such as changing from a 30 years loan to a 15year-loan.

You can pay as much as you can now, and relieve your financial pressure sooner.


Becoming an investor is never that hard! With a mortgage, all of us have the chance to become brilliant investors.

By obtaining the surplus funds from a loan, you will be able to use thefunds to purchase investment properties. As a consequence, the rents can cover the mortgage payments, andcan also be an extra income in the long run.